Zero Data App Own your data, all of it.



The traditional way.

Go 'through' apps in order to access your data—without the app, you have no way to access what is yours.

The 0data way.

Keep your own data under your control at the start and give permission for apps to access it as necessary.

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Pétrolette A news aggregator / Web page that syncs using Remote Storage
Litewrite A distraction-free app for simple note taking and writing
Encryptic Encrypted, cloud-synced note taking app
Hyperdraft Notes app with [[wiki]] links + publishing to web site
Launchlet Run custom JavaScript or CSS on any website via bookmarklet or extension
Kommit Flashcards / Spaced Repetition System
Diffuse A music player that connects to your cloud/distributed storage
Àlir Read-later app
PfP: Pain-free Passwords A secure and convenient password manager that keeps you in control of your data.
My Favorite Drinks Keep a list of your favorite drinks
Grouptabs Track expenses in a group of people
Sharesome Share files quickly from your remote storage
Webmarks Archive your bookmarks in remoteStorage
RS Inspektor A simple file browser for remoteStorage accounts
gHost Unhosted photo album: store webcam photos in your remote storage
chainbook.bit Unhosted address book/friend list, based on Namecoin and remoteStorage
Taskrs Tasks application that aims to be compatible with CalDAV
Fission Drive Web Native File System.
Quotes A joyful way of keeping track of your favourite quotes.
Diffuse Music player for IPFS, S3, and other cloud storage.
gauth GAuth
cloudwall cloudwall.me
laverna Laverna - keep your notes private
mcnotes mcnotes
stackedit StackEdit – In-browser Markdown editor
gHost gHost - unHosted Photo Album using WebRTC
dogfeed dogfeed
dogtalk dogtalk
byoFS diary Bring Your Own Data - My Diary
byoFS chat Bring Your Own Chat - Proof of Concept
myLock myLock Easy Encryption
EmailPK EmailPK - Instant encrypted email
time tracker Unhosted Time Tracker
svg-edit SVG-edit
browser remoteStorage Browser
vidmarks vidmarks
Music Player Music Player
cindy kate CindyKate - Unhosted Read-it-Later
todo remotestorage • TodoMVC
strut Strut
Fargo Fargo Retirement Page
Find! Find!
Dillinger Online Markdown Editor - Dillinger, the Last Markdown Editor ever.
draw.io Flowchart Maker & Online Diagram Software
SIT SIT: Serverless Information Tracker
Media Kraken Track your media and never miss a beat. - Documentation. GNU General Public License v3.0 © 2020 Noel De Martin- Source code. GNU General Public License v3.0 © 2020 Noel De Martin - Provide Feedback.
Solid Focus Keep track of your to do list. - Source code GNU General Public License v3.0
LongChat Default chat pane of Solid OS. - Source code under MIT License
OChat Source code from 2019 by Jackson Morgan
Friend Requests Exploration Source code under MIT License
Solid Groups Lets you form social groups on a Solid Pod. Under MIT License
Linked Beer Search for and rate beers listed by brewery. - 2019. Özcan Seker. source code
RiseFor MobilisationReferendum Signons An app for organising referenda; it uses Solid under the hood.
Solidbase Agricultural project management. - Source code is under GNU AGPL3
ConceptGitHub An embarrassingly simple clone of notion.so built on Solid, currently in early alpha.
Solid Weather Uses the national weather service API so it is currently only able to fetch weather in the United States. 2019. Dylan Martin.
Solid Calendar A way to create, store, and query events using a user’s card. 2019. Dylan Martin.
Solid Notify Sends you a desktop notification when a Solid resource changes.
PoPock Your POds in the POCKet. A very modular SoLiD application that is based on webcomponents, vuejs, vue-bootstrap, using community libs like solid-file-client, ldflex-query, tripledoc switching. source
OpenLink Structured Data Editor (OSDE) RDF editor that can save content to any Solid Pod. -
OpenLink Structured Data Sniffer (OSDS) Extracts Metadata in a variety of notations from HTML docs and enables storage to any Solid Pod via “Save As” feature. -
Launcher Exploration (code on https://github.com/inrupt/launcher-exploration)
LessPass remoteStorage A new, faster LessPass widget that does autofill and saves options on remoteStorage.
TiddlyWiki remoteStorage A TiddlyWiki plugin that enables saving of individual tiddlers to remoteStorage.
hledger interactive Parser and playground for hledger journals.
templates.alhur.es Mixes Markdown/HTML templates with YAML data and outputs the results.
memm Browser extension to store and tag your bookmarks with remoteStorage support
Waves Log viewer for chat logs stored in RS via the chat-messages module (e.g. logged by hubot-remotestorage-logger or imported via rs-messages-importer)
QuikWik A small and simple Wiki which uses Markdown syntax and stores data in localStorage and remoteStorage.
Team Tool Box Build teams and assign members randomly. Useful for trainers, teachers, managers or anyone else who works with or within groups.
Do Again A todo list for irregularly recurring todos.
Road To FIRE A portfolio manager app for your stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, bonds, cryptocurrencies, commodities, P2P loans and real estate.
Moon Forge Moon Forge is a playground for lunar instruments.
TrailMarks MEMEX for the Annotated Web.
TiddlyWiki A non-linear personal web notebook.
+PeerServer Peer Server / Virtual Private Server Comparison 2020
Mylar Mylar
Synclist Synclist
Solidarity A Solid based community discussion app. - Source code. MIT License
Notepod Note-taking app that stores notes in your Solid Pod. Created as a demonstration of how to create Solid apps. See the commit messages for more details on reading data, authenticating, and more.
Poddit © 2019 Vincent Tunru.
Solid Chess Decentralised chess game - Source code MIT License
Tadanime Rate your anime series and movies. - Tadanime MIT License
Holon App for playing with ShEx Shapes. Creates a form from a remote shape and store data on your Pod. - Holon source code
Dokieli Client side editor for decentralised article publishing, annotations, and social interactions. - Dokieli Apache License v2.0 2012 Sarven Capadisli
Darcy Aims to deliver a comprehensive suite of Solid applications that create an enduser-friendly decentralized and moderated social network.
SNS A social network based on Solid build on core JavaScript by Jackson Morgan
Solid Chat Challenge Student Projects Source code under MIT License
Solid Profile Viewer A react app to view and browse Solid WebID profiles. - source code is under MIT License
Taisukef Add friends. - Source code from 2018 by Taisuke Fukuno
Contacts Mobile friendly vCard contact management.- Source code MIT License
WebID Profile editor Source code MIT License
Solid Signup app For creating WebID accounts with Solid compatible providers. - Source code MIT License
OpenLink YouID Identity and credentials document generator that creates X.509 certificates and saves WebID-Profile documents in any Solid Pod and sets up the relations required for WebID-TLS and WebID-TLS+Delegation.
Golf Companion Assistant Source code under GNU Affero General Public License
Twee-Fi Helps you review claims and rate trustworthiness of tweets. - Twee-Fi MIT License
Mark Book App for creating bookmarks. - Source code MIT License
OEdit An editor app for raw files using the vs interface. - source code by Jackson Morgan.
Plume Blogging platform. - Source code MIT License
Firefly-iii Source code is under GNU General Public License v3.0 9c0 2017 by James Cole
Solid Health GitHub - jasonpaulos/solid-health: A proof-of-concept mobile app for decentralized health record management
Solid LBSSigmafied 2019. Sharon Statsianis
Solid Geolocation Challenge Entries Software architecture Course 19-20
Spoggy Spoggy
Linked Pipes 2019. @aorumbayev
Hello World Source code MIT License
Solid RSS A simple RSS Feed that lets you store your favorite feeds and articles in your pod. - Source code. Rami Rustom, 2021.
Inox Helps you see what happened to your data accross multiple pods.
SolidVC Verifiable Credentials framework developed within the context of Solid.
OhMyPod! An app to manage your Pod. - Source code is under GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0 (2) 2020 by Empathy
File Extractor An app to sign into your Pod and extract all data. An HTML page allows your to sign in to a Solid Pod and extract a HexBin file from an RDF file there. - Source code MIT License
Tiddlywiki A Pod store. - Source code MIT License
File Extractor for Pods Extract files from Pods. - Source code MIT License
Form Integration An app to submit online form data to your Pod. Using a FormRouter Account, it is now possible to setup an online form that can route directly into a Solid Pod. This allows any person with a Solid Pod to get a copy of the form data they filled out. The submission may include a copy of the form as a PDF if so configured. This currently supports PDF, HTML and Excel form formats. -
Solid File Manager A Solid app that help you manages files in your Pod. - Source code MIT License
ODS-Briefcase A module of OpenLink Data Spaces (ODS), ODS-Briefcase includes Dynamic Extended Type (DET) WebDAV/LDP Folder support for Solid Pods, enabling read/write access for any WebDAV-compliant client, subject to Briefcase-managed ACLs. (Briefcase connects to the Pod as the Pod Owner, so has full privileges.) -
URIBurner SPARQL Query Service Endpoint that supports WebID-OIDC for authenticating WebIDs en route to functionality that isn’t granted to the un-authenticated Public; e.g., “generating descriptions of any Web-Accessible Document in RDF, and publishing said description in 5-Star Linked Data form” -
Solid authorization Widget source code is under MIT License
OpenLink Smart Data Bot (OSDB) Distills actions from API documentation constructed using RDF or OpenAPI; supports WebID-OIDC for authentication
Solid Shell Command-line tool and interactive shell. - Source code MIT License
Solid IDE File manager and IDE. - Source code MIT License
graphMetrix Allows you to browse your Solid Pod offering multiple views of information including overview, graph, doc, gallery and grid as well as easy to use Solid collaboration control and file management. 30 day free trial followed by a $10 per user/per month. 2018 graphMetrix
LinkedPipes Applications create your own visualisers based on linked data. - Source code Apache License 2.0
SPARQL Fiddle Online fiddle to run SPARQL against Pods. - Source code MIT License
Warp File browser. - Source code MIT License


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