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The traditional way.

Go 'through' apps in order to access your data—without the app, you have no way to access what is yours.

The 0data way.

Keep your data under your control at the start and give permission for apps to access it as necessary.


remoteStorage Fission Solid


Simple Hello World for multiple 0data protocols.
A decentralized storage abstraction middleware framework.
Zero Data Wrap
Unified JavaScript API for Fission + remoteStorage.
Project Cambria
Translate your data with lenses.


Aug 07 DWeb Camp 2024

Previously on 0data…

Get interop-pilled 💊

"Export considered harmful" by Andy Matuschak
The difference between 'export' snapshots and 'use this data elsewhere'.
"File over app" by Steph Ango
Philosophy to create digital artifacts that last.
"Bring Your Own Client" by Geoffrey Litt
Freedom to choose your favorite application to interact with some data.
"Composability with other tools" by Gordon Brander
Why are most of our tools silos?
"Universal data portability" by Alexander Obenauer
What if you could browse your stuff in one fluid interface, without considering their differing data types?
"The future needs files" Scott Jenson
The power of files comes from them being powerful nouns.
"how we store and collaborate on our work" by Adam Wiggins
Comparing files, the cloud, and mobile apps to combine the best parts.
"Rethinking how technology uses our personal data" by Lennart Ziburski
Managing app permissions using more playful metaphors, like circle of knowledge and data permits.
"Embark: Dynamic documents for making plans" by Ink & Switch
Effortless coordinating across multiple apps.

Adjacent initiatives

Autonomous Data
Application architecture that respects users privacy and data ownership.
Library of 'data shapes' to promote interoperability.
Vocabularies for structured data.
Peer-to-peer local-first app toolkit.
Decentralized apps storing data on a wallet.
Linked Open Vocabularies
Your entry point to high quality and reusable Vocabularies to describe Linked Data.
Web apps where your data stays within the browser.
Backend-agnostic docker for your data.
PDS Interop
Encouraging interoperability between personal data stores by documenting conventions.
Enables web applications to use protocols traditionally inaccessible or impractical in a browser.
Personal cloud computer.

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